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A rushed flip through this sci-fi fiction will not impress you much and won’t show you anything extra-ordinary. But you sit back and enjoy the flow of this film based on the novel which goes with the same name, and will you know there’s more to this franchise! Yes, it ends with clear hints of the sequel.

This young adult fantasy starts when an anaesthetic Thomas with no clue about his past is brought into a place called Glade. There are other boys staying inside Glade, which is surrounded by huge cement walls which form an everyday changing maze. These boys, led by Minho, are given a particular work and they are supposed to do ‘only’ that. Every night door of the maze is closed so that the boys can stay safe from spider-like creatures called Grievers.

On the arrival of Thomas and then the ‘first’ girl Teresa, things start changing as Thomas goes out in the maze looking for way. He has dreams about his past life which help him get a cue why he is and why others are there. What happens later on is a very interesting plot, not a visual treat though.

The writers are smart here to avoid any love or love-triangle to the plot, keeping it straight from the word Go! The script draws heavy spiritual parallels to the concept of life. The scenes move fast and take the story ahead with a good pace not giving you much time to think. The maze, the Glade, The Grievers have been established in an interesting way, though the makers have avoided making it a visual extravaganza. For me, it works in favour of the film.

All the actors have delivered superlative performances and that becomes the strongest USP of this film. Though the cast director could have avoided the typical teenage film casting of one girl, one American, One African and One Asian.

Other technical aspects left me wanting for more except for background score which is superb in most of the sequences. Visual effects are strictly okay. But I don’t complain about it as the film is entertaining, has an interesting plot and superb acting by all.

It is a good one time watch, go for it if you are bored of the same teenage stuff on TV and Cinema. This one is different.

3.5 Shor out of 5.

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