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We loved Amitabh Bachhan when he said “I can walk English, I can talk English, I Know such English that I can leave ANGREZ behind”.  And we all have a hearty laugh when we or our kids enact the scene. But then in reality we want that our kids speak impeccable English and have an amazing command over the language. But then is it possible? Yes it is. Read on and know how.

At 'The NEST' they bring to you different workshops ranging from creative conceptualization & implementation to improvised & fun methods of education. 

Workshops at The NEST | Phonics- English Classes – All year round! At The NEST- Learn, Create & Fly!

Why learn Phonics? Learning phonics is the first step to reading.  As a teaching method it is thought to provide many benefits to children who are just beginning to understand how sounds are associated with individual letters, groups of letters, and full words.

The teaching of phonics has been shown to give children a comprehension of how words are constructed very quickly. It helps them to develop text recognition skills, which in turn leads to attaining the ability to read and write. By breaking down words into individual components phonics has also been shown to be very effective at providing children with the skills they need to be able to spell correctly.

Phonics encourages children to recognize text fluently by teaching them certain specific language rules relating to the pronunciation of words and how they are represented in a written form. As these rules are learned it results in an ever expanding vocabulary. Children develop the ability to be able to recognize specific patterns within words, which allows them to identify other words with similar phonemes.

This workshop has been conceptualized and created by Pooja Mehta originally from Mumbai. With a Master’s in Clinical Research and a flair for teaching she has come up with ‘The NEST’ to cater to various artistic and developmental activities for children using fun techniques. 

She believes that willingness to learn new concepts & receptiveness of a concept can be achieved by arousing curiosity in a child’s mind NOT by creating fear! Let’s be curious, let’s be creative! Let’s Learn, Create & Fly! Boundaries are for Boring People!

Batches starting 16th June 2014 onwards to 16th March 2015

Registrations open for:

  • Junior KG | Senior KG | 1st STD to 3rd STD

For creative young adults above the age of 10, you can also join our CALLIGRAPHY workshop at The NEST- Learn, create & Fly!

For more information contact: Pooja Mehta | Phone: 9638882811 | Address: 503, Rajvi, Rajvansh Apartments, Near Judges Bungalow Road, Bodakdev

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