The newly discovered TRAVEL Spots of 2015

Best of 2015 in Travels!
Here we give you a list of such amazing options to take a stress-break. Those who have been here have loved these places. The list gives you options ranging from huge villa-stay, small home-stay to a wildlife house-resort! Check it out...


HOME AWAY FROM HOME'! Well, that is the easiest way to sum up your experience when you make your way down to The COUNTRY RETREAT FARMSTAY, Ranakpur!
To inquire, call on: +91-7742919278

Spread over a whopping 130 acres of lush farmland - A perfect luxurious accommodation set in the rustic, beautiful countryside of Rajasthan; Walking into THE COUNTRY RETREAT FARMSTAY was a blessing for, it is a boutique Farmstay offering luxury accommodation in the aristocratic settings co-matching the rustic beauty of countryside of the Godwad region of Rajasthan.


Get in the midst of Mother Nature this weekend and for the weekends to come for, we bring you a wonder of an "abode', wherein you can spend your weekend away from the crowded city life, in the form of Pitched TENTS at Rs 1999 at HERITAGE HILLS!
Placed just on the border of Rajasthan (148 km from Ahmedabad; 23 km from Ratanpur Border, 83 km from Himmatnagar), the one-stop-hub meets the demands of our bodies’ spiritual and physical well being.
To inquire, call 9979700038.


Looking for a respite from your everyday monotony? Most of us always wonder, "where can one head to for rejuvenation that might require little or almost no planning?” Why not make a trip down with loved ones this weekend at JUST RS 700 per person (Rs 400 per child - 5-12 years old) to SERENITY PROXIMUS, placed in the Moti Devti Village, Shantipura (S.P.Ring Road), near Gulmohar Club.
To book your venture into happiness, call: +91-9723255752


Get away from the city this weekend to re-energize yourselves from the duress, on a whole new level at KENSVILLE GOLF CLUB & RESORT - One of the most beautiful clubs that you will come across around Ahmedabad. Believe us when we tell you that it is indeed a wonder of a destination to partake in a day full of fun with your entire family, right from 9 am to 6 pm, at just Rs. 1699 for an adult & Rs. 1399 for a kid (5-12 years old).


Away from your boss calling you over the weekend to get some extra work done; Away from your business client bugging you to cut down the prices; and mainly away from the city; POLO SAFARI brings you a 1 Day trip down to the very the lap of Mother nature in the form of POLO FOREST at Rs 850 per person, ensuring that you make the best of your weekend.
To register or to inquire, call on +91-9408510911 or +91-8408510911.


Looking for a respite from your everyday monotony? Most of us always wonder, "where can one head to for some respite that might require little or almost no planning?". Why not make a trip down to NALSAFARI for a night with a bunch of loved ones this weekend? TAG them and let them in for, you simply can't miss out on this wonder of a resort placed at Nalsafari, Kundal Village, Nalsarovar road, Sanad. To book your venture into happiness, contact: 98250 39863 / 98250 39864.


Presenting you a truly unexplored place near Ahmedabad which is just so apt for your kiddos. And guess what you can't find this place on Google Maps and there's hardly any information available online. Moreover, you would be surprised to know that people residing around also doesn't have much idea about this place. If you ask for the address of this place, people will redirect you to 'Sarita Udhyan' AND NO WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT Sarita Udhyan. 

Presenting you - Aranya Udhyan - Wilderness Park in Gandhinagar.

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