The newly opened RESTAURANTS of 2015

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2015 felt like a really fast year! Isn't it?
But one look at the crazy number of places that launched this year, then you'll say 'so much happened in 2015!'
Given the keeda of exploration that we have, we went to all these places and tried them out. Off course we shared the experiences with you (only those which we loved). 
This list here is of the places that launched this year and were the most unique and amazing ones. Each one of them has tried to do something different or raised the bar high by several inches!
Check them out and visit them if you haven't already...
EAT WITHOUT GUILT - That is what PONCHIES says out loud in the form of it's tagline.
What is in a Tagline you ask? Well, a lot when you step in the eatery, that is decked up in an extremely sophisticated manner with no unnecessary jazz, PONCHIES ensures that the food does all the talking for and rightly so!
Restaurant chain AMAZO carved out a cosy niche for itself and had come up with a Bistro styled dining space to add some zing to the monotony that opened its doors in February, serving unique favourites from Indian, Italian, Mexican & Contemporary European Cuisines.
Day in - Day out, you head down to work/college, get back home and follow the monotony of your daily routine to ultimate exhaustion; To give you a break from the very same, we bring you PLATED. 
Designed in a very simple yet elegant manner with comfortable sitting arrange and well-spaced tables, PLATED makes for an apt place to meet up with friends and family over scrumptious food.
Quintessential to Mumbai, we have told you quite a bit about KAILASH PARBAT quite a number of times, and simply can't stop ranting on the 63 year old brand; Gorging on a simply chaat could go not get more elite for, the newly opened restaurant offers an atmosphere wherein you can stop worrying about hygiene. 
BON APPETIT brings to the city the experience of the best of multi cuisine dining. Whether it is cuisine from the royal kitchen of the Maharajas or the most authentic flavours of the most popular dishes from various countries in the world, they bring you many excuses to surprise your palette.
Strutting in all flair and élan, LITTLE ITALY (The original) has come to Ahmedabad to satiate our "Italian" buds. Step in the restaurant and you are bound to be surprised by the utilization of the space, giving a very vibrant & fascinating atmosphere. LITTLE ITALY's clarity is in its rather muted décor of beige, olive green, and wood, allowing the colours from the food to take the centre stage.
“There’s nothing more romantic than Italian food” quoted Elisha Cuthbert.
Apropos to those very words is L'ATELIER - The NEWEST ITALIAN RESTAURANT on the block, that not only serves some of the best, lip-smacking Italian dishes but, is also decked up in a fine-dine form with casual ambiance. Reasons more than enough for foodies like us to go ahead and check out the place.

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