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It’s the BALL game we can say. Tom Cruise starred movie Oblivion didn’t quite go as per the plan.

Jack Harper (Cruise) and Victoria (Riseborough) are (We are an efficient team) trying to survive on the post-apocalyptic world after the moon and the earth has completely destroyed. However; lot of technicality will jumble you up. It gives you a feels like of roller coaster ride saying “where is this going?” The story line of the movie is pretty confusing to make you think that “Ok, What’s the next surprise that’s hard to digest” ;-)

Jack constantly dreams of a woman (Olga Kurylenko) overlooking the Manhattan skyline which ends up with one more surprise for you all. Morgan Freeman’s role in dark clothes with cigar in his mouth keeps his ever personality alive though. Pace of the movie is a major problem and lethargic in the second part.

Overall, if you wanna watch highly techy gadgets and cinematography, go for it but don’t scratch you head to understand the lengthy story.

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