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Exclusively for all you beautiful ladies out there, here’s your option to treat and pamper yourself with the best of beauty services from renowned stylist and experts.  Avail 10% discount on services, exclusively for CityShor followers.

Orange the Salon | Opp Marriot Hotel, Satellite, Ahmedabad | Call  - 98 24 445262 / 9978002000

In a couple of months or may be within weeks, some of you girls will be celebrating that one special day of your life. That one day, when you choose to walk the rest of your life with that one person whom you love. That day is approaching the Wedding Day and it will be a grand affair.

Wait. But then before you get lost in those dreams of that beautiful fairy tale wedding of yours, have you thought about that one essential thing? Have you thought about how you would want to look? Have you thought about that hair style that will accentuate your looks? Have you thought about pampering yourself with that much needed beauty treatment so that you just don’t settle with looking beautiful but gorgeous?

So all you Ladies, here’s how you transform from being beautiful to being gorgeous.

The Orange Salon offers you the best of treatments from a range of their services. They have a dedicated team of seasoned professionals who have that innate passion of offering their services to the beauty conscious you. Their service offerings include bridal packages, skin and hair care services.

Bridal Services | The Orange Salon

For the soon to be brides, here’s your option to book an appointment with The Orange Salon and experience what’s it to look gorgeous. Your wedding day is one important celebration and you don’t want to look ordinary. Don’t even settle for anything less than looking absolutely stunning. At Orange Salon, they carefully understand you and your preferences and then do wonders. The experienced team helps you transform from being beautiful to being gorgeous. It’s better to book your services in advance. Have the much deserved bridal treatment from Orange Salon and create that magic on that special day

Hair and Skin | The Orange Salon

The routine does take a toll on each and every one of us. Not only does it leave us exhausted but beyond a point it tends to show up in our personality and also on our physical appearance. What then we do is indulge into some homemade beauty therapy. But then is it enough? Obviously the home done therapies aren’t the best. It can help you, but only that much. So then what do you do? Where do you go? Who will help you?

Well, let the experts come to you aid. From a range of Skin and hair treatments, Orange The Salon, offers you a complete transformation. Go ahead and spoil yourself, for you have earned it. Spend your time at Orange and indulge into a whole lot of pampering. We guarantee, when you come out, you will feel a whole new you.

So without wasting any of your precious time, book your appointment today at The Orange Salon and pamper yourself with life’s best.

Orange the Salon | Opp Marriot Hotel, Satellite, Ahmedabad | Call  - 98 24 445262 / 9978002000

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