The Palm Restaurant Ahmedabad

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The Palm - When we first went there, we ignored it thinking its USUAL but then we went back again; and Man, are we delighted! The Food & the Cafe – marvelous!

The Palm has a  feel of sitting in a cafe at Mumbai/Goa with smooth lights and ambience !! The Palm, a small restaurant and café on a peaceful street where you get to hang out with your friends/family and enjoy.

The names of the dishes at The Palm are as unique as the taste. Try these ones without fail : Cottage Katoosh, Korokkes, Hitler’s Mystery Punch, The Fizz, Koliwada Paneer, The Palm Shooters, Lava Lava and many more are their specialties.

Let me describe about some of the specialties at The Palm

Hiter’s Mystery Punch – A spicy mocktail. Yes!! Spicy with green chilies and onions mixed. Spice lover, give it a try.

The Palm shooters – Three small glasses of drinks. First with spicy drink followed by medium spicy and sweet. Have you seen this anywhere?

Lava Lava Dessert – Tan ki shakti man ki shakti Bournvita ;-) It’s a mixture of Bournvita, Mylo, chocolates, etc along with vanilla ice cream scoop. Eyes got wide??

Drive there to experience many more such dishes, juices & desserts.

Checkout the best dishes of The Palm Restaurant Ahmedabad

The Palm restaurant,
Premchand nagar, in the lane of over magic,
Nr. Judges bunglow,

Contact: 079 40325890

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