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Yesterday we posted a teensy teaser of *this cafe* and as to how it 'obviously caters to all of the aspects of regular cafe but, goes a B-I-G step beyond yada yada yada'. Well, to curb all your curiosity, without further ado, we bring you THE PROJECT CAFE.
Before we start going all ga-ga over them, errr... Let us clear some air. Though the name ends with the word 'cafe', its 'function' doesn't end there. For, the entire ambiance is set up by artists (not necessarily budding), from its quirky tables & chairs to the wall fixtures of Dali, innovative hanging lamps to cabinets, and would you believe it that you can purchase ANYTHING & EVERYTHING? Loved their wall clock? Ka-ching! Absolutely adore the Mug that you are sipping Coffee from? Take it home! Be it crockery, handbags, gift cards, earrings, to even their kaanta & chamach, you can leave the cafe barren if you want to!
When was the last time you came across a place in INDIA which offers its patrons as well as artists, a medium to come half way. THE PROJECT CAFE is done up in a very haphazardly organised sort of a way, where despite the fact there is lot happening when it comes contrasts in designs & colours, it all blends extremely well. With white 'unfinished' walls laden with interesting knicks-knacks highlighting each one individually and shelves adorning an array of trinkets arranged as per their colours, shapes, sizes and tastes; make for an appealing treat to they eye.
Fancy so far? But, does the food match up? Yes sir!
SPICY CHEESE SPINACH BALLS with a MAYONNAISE DIP was absolute bang for the buck. Crisp casing, stuffed with a gooey mixture of Cheese & Spinach was delicious; the Mayonnaise Dip added a nice, cool tang. Next up, we had their TABASCO PIZZA cooked in a wood-fire oven; A nice Crust, ample Cheese, fresh Tomatoes and tender Paneer added to its goodness. Their FULLY LOADED NACHOS were literally Fully Loaded; Topped with Olives, Jalapeños, Sour Cream and the obvious accompaniment of Cheese and Salsa, made for a more than apt appetizer. The DRAGON PANEER was easily the star dish for us; Tender, juicy Paneer marinated thoroughly with spices, led to a scorcher of a flavour on our palette. Their PASTA, specifically their SPAGHETTI in Arrabiata Sauce; This smoothly textured delicacy was full of flavour, with a more than enough quantity of their scrumptious Arrabiata Sauce. To wash it all down, besides a range of good coffees, THE PROJECT CAFE offers a variety of shakes, fizzes, fruit blends, among others.
And unlike some instances, getting to THE PROJECT CAFE is not at all challenging for all you need to do is keep an eye out for a YELLOW BUNGALOW on the Polytechnic Road and Voila! You will come across a treasure chest, which requires your dire attention; Waiting to be explored. Cheers.
Address: THE PROJECT CAFE, Yellow House No 7, Polytechnic Road, Ambavadi, Ahmedabad.
Contact: +91-079-60506060
Timings: 10 am to 11 pm
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