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Change of weather gives our foodies one more more reason to indulge in the latest fares and what can be better than gorging in the sweet, savoury and spicy Asian Fare, served straight from the wok at THE ROLLING CHIN, in a handy MEAL IN A BOX avatar, at prices that indeed are a steal!
You can also get your food delivered by calling: 9978688780 (With the India-Pakistan match lined up, you now know where to curb your munchies)

Talking about our last experience. Well, have you ever been super excited to visit an eatery? Ever had that urge to finish off everything, the moment it is placed in front of your table? Well, that is exactly what goes through our mind when we think about THE ROLLING CHIN.

Heading down there is always an experience for they seem to nail just about everything! After hoards of Permutations and Combinations, we decided to start with their take on PAN FRIED NOODLES, wherein the combination of Noodles and stir fried Vegetable Gravy was spot on.
Talking about their SOYA CHILLI ROLL; Well, it made for a sinful indulgence to say the least for, being loaded with lipsmacking tit-bits, and Soya, it would surely bring back to THE ROLLING CHIN again, and again.

The major highlight of our meal came in the form of SPICY FRIES for, the potato fries were tossed in Chinese Spices along-with Schezwan Sauce, making for an wonder of an affair. More so, THE ROLLING CHIN's version of MANCHURIAN, would surely put the other places serving the staple delicacy to shame!
From their wok, we tried their COMBO NOODLES, as well as FRIED RICE. Both equally unique when it comes to their flavours, making for an apt combo!

The menu is clear and straightforward and divided into Soups, Starters, Mains, Gravies, Rolls, and Noodles. Talking about their Noodles - If sticking to the Menu is boring to your taste, then you can simply MAKE YOUR OWN WOK! Wherein:

It begins with their set Premium Vegetables, in the form of Babycorn, Bell Peppers, Cabbage, Sprouts, and Spring Onions.
Choose your base of Noodles.
Choose your Sauce.
Top it off with your favorite Condiments.
And Voila! It gets assembled in a jiffy and your perfect meal is ready!

With the cricket fever in the air; Are you looking for a place to indulge in something tantalizingly different? Well, THE ROLLING CHIN is the key to it all! BTW did we tell you they deliver?

Address: THE ROLLING CHIN, Shop 4-5, Ground Floor, Atlanta Tower, opposite Heritage Square, Gulbai Tekra, Ahmedabad.

Contact: 9978688780


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