THE SOUL FLEA brings forth the most funky labels

CityShor brings you, your getaway for the next weekend in the form of THE SOUL FLEA, which is taking place in the city on 29th & 30th April, between 5 to 11 pm, at the River Front Market (Gujari Bazaar), Sabarmati River Front, Ellis Bridge.

One of the biggest flea market in the city, till date, brings you a plethora of amazing shopping stuff, bundle of activities for kids and teens, delicious food & a lot more surprises! Well, the main segment of this event is shopping! Yaay! An event with joy and full on shopping is what THE SOUL FLEA is all about. So get ready!
To keep you in sync as to what lies ahead, here is a small insight to a few brands laid out:

Ever felt like wearing one of those short beautiful dresses just like those English movies? Ever felt like roaming around in casual shorts? If yes then we have Abony for you to fulfill your wish.

Get trendy gorgeous clothes with a special Indian touch to make it outstanding. We say, treat yourself today with Adhira.

Our summer check list includes healthy food. Does yours too? Worried about your health? We have a solution! Nu-beans will be there to provide you with yummy food made from soya beans to keep you fit and healthy!

Add something more to your dressing just than a few pieces of cloth. Add style! Visit ETC beyond basics to assist you and provide you with the right style!

Lets just avoid mainstream this time girls! Gift yourself with something new!  Something different! Just take a look at Handcrafted bohemian jewelry and you’ll know it!

Who doesn’t like making his/ her place funky and cool? Well how about recycling a whisky bottle to make a lamp? Interesting right? And so is the brand presenting such products, Hangover Venture!

Love your sweet home? Love decorating your place? Go ahead with Hue and gift your lovely home with amazing home décor products.

Make someone happy because of a lovely gift today. Make your beautiful place more beautiful. Let Infinity creations be the reason behind it.

Make your home your Dream Home. Decorate it with those cute elements which makes you smile by looking at them. Made to measure is once such brand with such products.

Look gorgeous and make those eyes turn to you. Pastel peacock presents such range of clothing to give you such ravishing look.

The most beautiful thing in this world is when you covert your hobby into your work. PH designs is one such brand presenting creative products out of quilling.

Titli has accessories which can make your casual look ravishing! Wear something amazing and trendy today! Because after all, we know that mainstream is just not your type!

What makes you happier than to get a wallet which goes with every style that you opt for? Jewelry which suits you the best? Well all we know is, Pavitra Handicraft is the answer!

Get yourself beautiful cotton gowns or something trendy from Palaash and two sisters at The Soul Flea and make an impression which no one will forget.

Zocivoci is a brand which provides customized lamps. Why just take whatever you can get and buy? We say, get it customized.

Who doesn’t like dressing up and looking good? Who doesn’t like beautiful print? If you do like them, then we are sure that you will definitely love Zubia.

With over a 100 stalls for you to witness, we will bring you more brands everyday. Keep an eye out for more, to break your monotony with THE SOUL FLEA. Cheers.

Dates: 29-30 April

Timings: 5 to 11 pm

Venue: River Front Market (Gujari Bazaar), Sabarmati River Front, Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad.

Contact: 9998727047


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