The Trophy Restaurant Ahmedabad

Cuisines: Chinese, Punjabi, Continental, Asian, European

Filters: Non Veg, Dine-in

Attributes: Restaurants, Family, Lively

If there is one thing that Ahmedabad is crazy about, apart from Great food, it is great sport. Mix them both and you get The Trophy. Not literally!
The Trophy is the new restaurant in town and guess the only restaurant with Sports as their theme. Enter Trophy’s and the first thing you see is The God in a large trophy box with his Armour & Auzaar in hand! Move in and you will many LCDs with ONLY sports channels running in it & a huge wall size screen for those great games, be in cricket, soccer or any great game! Obviously the food is good coz The Trophy belongs to Tomato’s after all

The Trophy also have a private room for special parties … say kitty, or closed group or couples ..! We saw a youngster playing guitar for one such closed group parties

Checkout the best dishes of The Trophy Restaurant Ahmedabad

Address :
The Trophy Restaurant
The YMCA Club,
S G Highway, Ahmedabad

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