The undiscovered Heritage Hotel in Ahmedabad

Restoring Ahmedabad's historical culture, we discovered FRENCH HAVELI this past week.
The best part, you can also stay at this wonder of a hub. To inquire, call: 9909703080 | 9978910730.

The French Haveli is necessarily an artistically decorated home that stores Ahmedabad’s rich culture and heritage. In the heart of the city this 150 year old Haveli has been transformed to hotel and unlike many others, possesses the beautiful and intricate detailing of olden times of the city.

With commercialisation and modernity in our society, Ahmedabad’s culture and traditions have gone farfetched. To get the real feel of Amdavad we often need to hit the doors of old city and in mid of such a scarce,” French Haveli” makes for a classic choice for a tourist who actually is willing to get culture feel.

The Haveli owns some amazingly named rooms such as- Chabutro, Malo, Ordo, Agaashi and Mahajan Suite. What’s amazing about these rooms is that no one element of the creative art is repeated as in the other. Also, the Haveli possesses a rooftop dining area – that is absolutely enticing during dinner time in midst of the cultural surroundings.

The naturally laminated chowk, central courtyard, intense carvings, traditional swings, random heritage corners, intricate wall detailing are some of the things that will attract your attention instantly at the French Haveli. The chic contemporary and aesthetic feel of the interiors squares to justify the 17th century architecture.
From flooring to carpets, wallpapers and ceilings talks the rich heritage of the city.

The French Haveli very rightly also promotes all the cultural visits for their customers that include- walk to the local markets, learn to cook a Guajarati dish, rickshaw tour of old city, cycle tours and photography tours and many other interesting stuff.

The French Haveli owns a charm in its own this preserved heritage area has a potential to attract not just the tourists but the localities as well

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