The Wolf of Wall Street Movie Review

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To see this movie, you have to be 18+ & not deviating from the spirit of the movie, if you have to read its review, you have to be 18+ as well.

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fucking asshole, Fucking bullshit, Fucking fuckers… and god knows what the fuck was that. The Wolf of Wall Street has probably broken all the record of using ‘fuck’ maximum times in a movie. Not to exaggerate but every alternate word in the movie was ‘fuck’.

The movie starts in a style. Caprio’s relentless approach to life absolutely takes you back and appeals you to the core. Largely because it’s all flashy, pops out money every time, hot babes, drugs, Ferraris, costliest villa and the most expensive prostitutes, crazy liquor, lavish lifestyle, … basically glamour and everything that money can buy is all over the screen. A few minutes in your sit and you will find this glamour so overwhelming that it will surely makes you feel exhausted, and disturbed.

The movie has received amazing reviews from critics because it’s just not so ordinary… in fact one of the most bold and ferocious movie made so far. The Wolf of Wall Street literally shocks you and makes you think… seriously??? Can someone be like that???… well, everyone wants to be Belfort… but looks like Belfort has taken it altogether to a nasty level.

What shocks you the most is that this movie is based on a true story of ’90s stockbroker who rises to extreme wealth via all that ‘needed’ means and who shows disrespect to everything that money can buy. The only disturbing part of the entire movie is … many times you wonder whether this movie celebrates obscene dark greediness of an individual or is it actually criticizing.

All in all, the movie is not for everyone. It’s absolutely not entertaining… but you will get shocked at probably every scene in the movie as you would just not be able to believe that ‘it’s based on a true story’.

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