The Wolverine Movie Review

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How many superhero movies have you seen this year? How many comic based movies have you seen this year? And do you know how many more such films are coming this year? We kinda love superhero / comic based movies – right?

Those brilliant super hero power, action sequences, chase, some magic, bit of emotions, and that ‘alice in wonderland’ feeling…. oh wow. Well Wolverine is nothing of that sort. The clash between mutants and humans has been the focus of previous “X-Men” movies. ‘The Wolverine’ drops that subject for something more ‘human’; it lets you meet Logan a little better.

The ‘never ageing’ Hugh Jackman is still as fit, fine and sexy as in the earlier versions of the movie. The Jackman fans are gonna love him more than ever. But unfortunately the script provides Jackman with only limited scope to perform, thereby you don’t see much of Jackman’s magic in the movie. Infact, storyline is the most disappointing part in the movie – stale, predictable and old age formula which they have tried to encash.

Having said that some parts of the movie are definitely worth appreciating. For example, there’s a chase on top of a train, which takes place on a Japanese bullet train going 300 mph. It has been well picturized and is one of the high points in the movie. The scene is fast, faster and super fast.

X-Men spin-off ‘The Wolverine’ is we say not so ‘satisfying’ movie especially if you will try to compare with its predecessors or other comic based character movies. Though X-men series has lesser fan following than other such movies aka Iron Man, Batman or Spiderman, etc (all mans – huh?)… I would say Hugh Jackman fans would surely not like to miss it.

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