Theatre Spotlight: Mr. and Miss Barot

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Father and daughter relationship is the best relationship in the world. This drama is a perfect example of famous saying “A father is daughter’s first love.”

A girl named Dimple had a dream to become an actress. With this dream, she arrives in Mumbai from Rajkot to her father’s house. She was meeting her father Maheshbhai, a famous ‘hasya kalakar’ after 15 years.

This drama will show growing relationship between father and daughter. Whether it's a first awkward meeting between father and daughter or an emotional movement when the father puts his hand on daughter’s head for the first time, it will definitely make you cry.

Nirav bhai (Maheshbhai’s manager) and Kavita (Maheshbhai’s friend) also plays a great role in the whole drama. When you need some dose of laughter, Niravbhai will pass with flying colors.

Music used in the drama is also good. I wish they put some more thought on the set design. But they have managed really well to get the attent the on of audience in each and every moment. 

The comical and emotional play has been performed by only four persons, but you won't realize it. How daughter and father complete each other, how daughter is thankful to her father, how the daughter intelligently helps her father etc etc, will certainly stands upto your expectations.

In short, you just can't miss this heart touching love story of a daughter and a father.

4 Shors out of 5!

Cast: Dharmesh Vyas, Chitrak Shah, Jyothika Shah, Sharvi Mota.

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Reviewed by: Drashti Thakkar

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