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The ultimate 'Navratri Fest' is here! Choose to look your best with the most colourful Chaniya Cholis of THIMAYA and to pep it up we have for you exquisite JEWELLERY by Bespoke Jewellery in silver and metal, all at a wonder of an exhibition on 26th September (Saturday), between 10 am to 8 pm, at IRA Exhibition Gallery, 26 - Shyamal Row Houses 3A, Shyamal Cross Roads.

Thimaya | Yesha Mehta +91-9879785449‬

Decking has never been difficult but, decking up in elan is whole different ball game but, fret not for, the brand has laid out a collection that offers a vivid range of colours and designs; calling the cutest daughters and the most charming mothers of the city to witness the grandeur.

Bespoke Jewellery | Sweta Parikh Dalal +91-9727388555

Squatting all your worries as to what accessory your should pair your dress with, the designer has showcased Jewellery that comprises of highly skilled craftsmanship and semi-precious stones together to create affordable yet, classic traditional styles.

Apart from that, she also does custom-made diamond jewellery and gifting solutions for you to flaunt on your own wedding day, your friend's sangeet, your brother's baraat or your daughter's mehandi! Jewellery so pretty, you'll create an occasion to wear it!
 A one-stop for all things jewellery! 

At prices that you simply can't resist, making this exhibition is, like we said - 'A wonder'. Cheers.

Date: 26th September

Timings: 10 am to 8 pm

Venue: IRA Exhibition Gallery, 26 - Shyamal Row Houses 3A, opp. Sanjay Towers, across Dhananjay Towers, near Shyamal Cross-roads, Ahmedabad.

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