Think Outside the Box, Watch Gaur Farmaiye on 18th November!

These days the movies carrying patriotism framework are amassing billions on box office. We like watching and discussing the various agendas our country has been subjected to but seldom do they live beyond the cinematic world and give the audience the required purview. One needs an active awareness and guts to understand and actually accept the situations that are much beyond their stereotypical representations.


‘Gaur Farmaiye’ - 5 कहानियाँ| 1 मंच|is one such play that will stir up your mind and compel you to think above your set parameters. The play comprises of a series of monologues which shall expose our society’s vulnerabilities in most unorthodox manner. A contemporary take on the 5 stories that will be shared by the common folks who are very much like you and me.


This play is a result of the tedious research work that was undertaken by Harsh Shodhan, to understand the real fabric of today’s society. Being the director of the play, he is asking the audience to take a closer look at the situations that we are aware of but conveniently let them lay in stereotypical backgrounds. An example of what to expect; a question is raised by one of the stories that the people whom we disregard as a part of the society, might be more politically correct than we as normal citizens ever could be. Would you ever consider that?


So, halt for a moment and give an ear to what ‘different’ do they have to say and stage about our prevailing society. In an era where the mediums of being ‘opinionated and saying’ are increasing and the mediums of ‘listening’ are decreasing, all they say is ‘Gaur Farmeiye’! This might elevate the way you have been thinking about a particular situation.


Come to break the clichéd and conventional ideas wall. A new horizon might emerge!


Play Name: ‘Gaur Farmaiye’ - 5 कहानियाँ| 1 मंच|

Date: Sunday, 18th November

Time: 08:30 PM

Tickets: Rs. 130/-


Venue: Scrapyard - The Theatre, 23, Gujarat Society, Opp Red Cross Blood Bank, Nr. Suvidha shopping complex, Paldi.

Buy Tickets: +91 89052 33638 (Paytm accepted)

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Written by: Vaishnavi SJ

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