This Eatery Near HL Serves Cheesiest Maggie Rolls in City!

Attributes: Street Food, Food Truck

Ever wondered if your everyday dosa was served with a fusion of Mexican, an Italian and Indian blend of flavours. Then Dosa Roll is just the place you should head for, situated opposite H.L  College of Commerce serves the most delicious tummy filling rolls in town not to forget it is pocket-friendly as well.


The rolls are stuffed with veggies like spring onions, capsicum, tomato and Mexican herbs all tangled in layers of cheese and spicy sauces.Some of our special recommendations are minty paneer, cheese burst pasta roll, Mexican roll and paneer tandoori roll.


Minty paneer is a speciality by D'Roll. Ingredients include marinated paneer, spring onions, capsicum, exotic spice herbs, and a lot of cheese. Talking about paneer there is also  Paneer Tandoori D'Roll that will surely leave you asking for more with a fusion of paneer and cottage cheese, a lip-smacking blend.


Moreover, not letting the Maggi lovers disappointed they also serve the Maggi cheese D'Roll a unique offering by them for your taste buds.


In the Italian range, there is the Cheese Burst Pasta D'Roll which is stuffed with pasta, cheese, and mayonnaise this is one of their signature dishes.


So, guys what are you waiting for, head to D'Roll and we are sure you will be offered more than what meets the eye and the taste will surely make you visit it now and again and it would be a worthy cheat on your diet plans!!


Address- Opposite H.L.College of Commerce.

Timings- 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Author Credit: Adiba Syed

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