This summer kick the heat off the fun way @ SHANKUS

We all are with doubt getting antsy with the constant rise in temperature, making us wish to sit home the entire day. To change this very clichéd thinking, it’s time for you to visit Shankus Water Park and Resort!

This place is perfect for individuals of every age group making it a must visit with your family and friend alike! Indulge into fun water rides that lead you into a realm of relaxation and a chance to rejuvenate yourself.  Have a blast with the curves and twists as the splashes only get you to experience life to the fullest or you can simply float around all day!

Well, we all love to swing ourselves to our favourite songs when we are at the peak of our enjoyment! Keep your worries aside! Having arranged a DJ party to keep your spirit of enthusiasm at its peak this water park is going to top your list for every weekend getaway now onwards! 

So this weekend indulge it is time for you to relive your aqua dreams and indulge into fun like never before! 
Ticket Rates:
Rs. 400/- Per person
Costume & Locker Charges are extra as applicable.
Contact: 9099080020 | 9099080030
 Address: Shankus Waterpark & Resort campus, Ahmedabad - Mehsana Highway, Mehsana 
For more details visit:⁠⁠⁠⁠

Tags: This summer kick the heat off the fun way @ SHANKUS

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