This weekend, Let’s Drive down to India’s Jurassic Park!

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World’s 3rd largest Dinosaur Fossil Site; Only site in the world where tourists can both touch the dinosaurs remains, and hold a 65 million year old egg fossil in their hands; One of the largest dinosaur egg hatcheries in the world; - these are only some of the descriptions- The Balasinor Dinosaur Fossil Park has received till date. What will behold you there is a beauty that you have never imagined before! Address- Raiyoli, Mahisagar, Balasinor, Gujarat 388265


Your eyes are not misreading this. At a 2 hour drive away from Ahmedabad, At least 13 species of dinosaurs lived here, possibly for more than 100 million years until their extinction some 65 million years ago. In 80s’, the site was accidently discovered by some geologists during the survey of the area.


Since then, researchers have uncovered fossils of about 10000 dinosaur eggs, making this place the 3rd largest dinosaur egg hatcheries in the world! Moreover, Nearly seven different species of dinosaurs lived here, is what the paleontologists believe! That is not it- an entire new species of Dinosaurs was discovered in 2003 belonging to the Tyrannosaurus Rex family- which has been named Rajasaurus Narmandensis (means a princely reptile from Narmada).


It does not end here, Balasinor is a princely state - where the royal family still resides in the Garden Palace! While visiting, tourists can also book a room in the Garden Palace Heritage Hotel! And, if you feel like you are up for an adventure, you can also stay in the Camp Dinosaur tents on site!




For booking a room and/ or a guided tour to the dinosaur park, please drop a mail to


Where to Stay -

Garden Palace Heritage Hotel -

Email - Contact- +91 (0) 26 9020 0111/ 9026 7786

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