This Weekend- say No to Movies and visit these Museums!

This place brought many questions in my mind for Ahmedabadi’s. Why watching a new movie is very much important in life? When a new movie gets released, why theatres go full? Why can’t we think beyond watching movies and eating at restaurants? Well, who am I to stop you? But, just think once, a museum located at one of the most famous location is not even seen or known by most of us.

Do you know there is a museum called alongside L.D. Institute of Indology “Indology” at the University road? Every day you stop by to have tea or snacks at nearby stalls but were you ever curious to know what that board on that red wall says? No! Visit this museum and you’ll regret that why didn’t you know about such a beautiful place!
Two museums in the same premise are more precious than gold, I would say!

L.D.Museum (Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum) & N.C. Mehta Gallery. Trust me; museums are not boring at all! Spare some time to see them and you’ll love the story behind them.

About L.D. Museum:

The only Art Museum in Gujarat with such a vast collection from all over India.
Managed by the same trust as that of the LD Institute of Indology, this museum houses a gorgeous collection of ancient and medieval Indian art treasures including stone, marble, bronze & wood carvings and many illustrated Jaina manuscripts. A 6th-century-AD sandstone carving from Madhya Pradesh is the oldest-known carved image of the god Rama.

Since 1956, they are collecting Indian Sculptures, Paintings, Bronze Sculptures and coins. Believe it or not, at this museum you’ll see sculptures, coins & manuscript from 5th century, 9th Century, 11th Century, 15th Century and the search is still on. I was zapped, it is so beautiful. The collection is from Gujarat, South India, Bengal, Bihar, Tibet, Nepal and many other states.

Paintings! These days we see movies made from books and at this museum you’ll see paintings based on poetry. Isn’t it interesting?

Coin Museum: Coins here are donated by Shree Priyakant T. Munshaw. They are beautiful. From A.D. 238, 1st Century BC, 600 BC, 3rdCentury BC to the year 1974(latest). At least spend two hours at this museum and you’ll fall in love.
About N.C. Mehta Gallery:

In the same building as the LD Museum, this gallery has an important collection of jewel-like illustrated manuscripts and miniature paintings. The first prime minister of India JawaharLal Nehru inaugurated the first exhibition in 1963. The late N.C. Mehta was one of the pioneers in the field of Indian Miniature Paintings.

Paintings in this museum have been arranged according to the evolution of schools, styles, and periods. In the beginning you’ll see early examples of miniature paintings of the Jain and Sultanate Schools. The folios of the Jain Kalpasutra & Balagopala Stuti present paintings in Gujarat during 15th & 16th Centuries. Also, you’ll see the illustrations of sacred or secular books, epics, darbar scenes, Social Festivals & special occasions as well as portraits of kings.

Best known is Chaurapanchasika (Fifty Love Lyrics of a Thief), written by Vilhana, an 11th-century Kashmiri poet sentenced to be hanged for loving the king’s daughter.
This weekend just visit this museum. Cherish the moments and trust me you’ll love it.
And yes, you can contact the museum in prior to see the presentation and story behind this collection.

Address: L.D. Museum & N.C. Mehta Gallery, L.D. Institute of Indology Campus, Nr. Gujarat University. Navarangpura, Ahmedabad – 9.

Time: 10:30am to 5:30pm

Closed only on Monday and Public Holidays

Phone: 079 – 26306883; 26309167
Mobile: 9824252919

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