This Winter Dwell on Santushtis' Yummy Shakes & Ice Creams!

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Are you one of those people who crave chilled creamy shakes during winters? Or a nice full scoop of ice cream? If yes, then you ought to visit Santushti!

It is an endearing little dessert place, that serves varieties of thick shakes and ice creams.

The most adorable aspect of the entire place has to be the chairs! The seating of the chairs replicates the evergreen oreo biscuits, just adding that charming vibe. And if it helps, the staff is—unlike the shakes—is really warm. Constantly wearing a smile and are at your beckoning, suggesting the tastiest items on their menu.

However, let us give you our little recommendation. We absolutely loved the Blueberry Ice cream. It leaves you to relish the sweet tart flavour, that is literally like a flavour blast since the first mouthful. Although, the classic chocolate chips ice cream is there to gratify that intense yearning.

Probably, though, you must be bored with the same old ice cream and milky thick shakes. To put you out of the gourmet boredom, are the thick, velvety shakes. Our favourite was the Hershey’s Almond Crunch. A glassful of chocolaty delight was topped with whipped cream and chocolate covered almonds, adding multiple textures to satiate and tingle the taste buds.

A pleasant surprise was the Kaju Anjeer shake, which will diminish all the aversions towards the flavour if you have any. It has the perfect amount of sweetness and the distinctive taste of anjeer which just heightens your joy. And lastly, the treat for people who love sickly sweet food is the Silk Caramel shake. This shake is loaded with dollops of caramel, with pieces of Caramel flavoured Cadbury Silk crowning along with the cream.

So this winter ditch the conventional hot chocolate and get a little gutsy with the celestial cold counterpart! Head straight to Santushti!

Address: Ground Floor, Corporate House, Judge Bungalow Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad.
Contact: +919863229863
Timings: 11 AM to 12 PM

Author Credit: Abha Mehra

Tags: This Winter Dwell on Santushtis' Yummy Shakes & Ice Creams!

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