This World Yoga Day, take a pledge to a healthier & fit body

This World Yoga Day, let us take a pledge to be fit, get to know the benefits of Yoga and live a healthier life.

Knowing the value of a healthy life, Ahmedabad organised a Yoga medication and treatment camp today, right here at GMDC Ground! With almost 5 lakh people participating in this camp, it sure was a proud moment for everyone!

Yoga, which originated in ancient India. It embodies the unity of mind and body, gives one a positive energy as well. Yoga has been gaining lot of popularity in the past years. People all over the world have come to realise the importance of Yoga and to have stress free life.

Leave your gym shoes aside or simply inculcate the yoga asans daily and it surely is going to be of great help. Perfect in gaining concentration, weight loss, increase metabolism and much more, a few asans suggestions from our end are!
- Ustrasana
- Dhanurasana
- Bhujangasana
- Naukasana
- Setu Bandhasana
- Sarvangasana
- Pavanamuktasana

So from today onwards, let us keep our health as a priority and take a step towards good health with the help and benefits of Yoga!

Tags: This World Yoga Day, take a pledge to a healthier & fit body

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