Thor: The Dark World Movie Review

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This time around it’s bigger, better and lots of hammer tongs!!!

Thor has finally landed on planet earth and in 3D. Thor 2: The Dark World, has proved its worth. A beautiful cinematic experience and a crisp story line.


Chris Hemsworth, is brilliant in his portrayal as Thor. He comes with his chiseled physique and this time has his share of punch lines. (Thor 1 was over shadowed by Loki, Lets accept it). Natalie Portman (Jane Foster) as Thor’s love interest is good in bits and pieces and has her moments. But she is just there, since the director needed someone (read Vessel) to store one of the deadliest elements known to world – Aether!!!

The earlier Thor saw Loki (read anti-hero) gaining a huge fan following more than the protagonist himself. So this time he is being made to pay for it. Disappointing isn’t it?  Loki (Tom Hiddleston) doesn’t have much screen time in this movie. He does his best in whatsoever little time he was allotted. Personally, Loki is one character that entices me as a viewer. The different shades of emotions, the mean steak and the personality all put together, I strongly feel, the hammer should fly to Loki !!!

The movie has undone all its mistakes of the earlier Thor (if there were any) and promises to be a movie, full of twists and turns and surprises. Worth mentioning, is that the movie has it’s fair share of one liner’s and those happy yet laughable moments. Let it be a nude scientist (Stellan Skarsgård) or Jane Fosters sidekick, Kat Dennings, who is cute, adorable and funny, surprisingly interesting than the first movie.

Overall, Thor 2 is a movie packed with all the necessary ingredients to cater to the taste of viewers of all ages. You will definitely like the movie if you are a superhero movie fan and it would go otherwise, if you do not follow superhero movies!!

Iron Man 3, The Man of Steel, The Wolverine, Kick Ass 2 and lastly Krrish 3, of all the superhero flicks this year has seen, Thor 2 surely ranks amongst the top 3. With special mention to the film being screened in 3D, it add’s to the excitement.

CityShor recommends all its followers to watch the movie in 3D. Specially the female viewers, watching it in 3D will bring Loki all the more closer to you !!!!


Asgard and Odin (Hopkins) are now facing their worst fears come true. Malekieth (Christopher Eccleston ), rules the dark elves and in his quest to attain the Aether, fights against Bor, father of King Odin. The epic battle begins and ends with breathtaking visual effects, thanks to the 3D avatar of the movie this time. Bor, manages to kill all of the dark elves and hide’s the Aether far away from the reaches to Malekieth.

Time moves ahead and its 5000 years now, since the Aether was stored away and Malekieth was defeated. Loki is now sentenced to dungeons by Odin for his act of treason towards Asgard. Back on earth, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), accidentally stumbles onto a space portal that marks the beginning of the Convergence. Jane, then gets consumed by the all powerful Aether and now she is a vessel for the world’s deadliest power.

Thor now must save Jane and Asgard from Malekieth, who is resurrected again and now wants to attain Aether and conquer all the 9 realms.

Will Thor conquer Malekieth alone or will he fail in his quest. Will Asgard stand a chance against the mighty and powerful Aether or will the world, as we know of it come to an end.

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