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How about playing drums at your Sangeet function? How about your parents and in-laws playing drums and shout with joy? Yes, this is really possible now! Ahmedabad has one more great activity happening. Now, Ahmedabad has The Drum Circle - who conduct drum circles, where the idea is to come and enjoy the spirit of drumming together, even if You do not have any drumming experience.

Well, what are your plans for this weekend? Same old boring stuff! Dinner, farm-house or just go watch flop movies or do shopping? Hold on, this Saturday do something different. Play Drums! Yes, get crazy this weekend with The Drum Circle team. No it’s just not for you and your friends, but Mom-Dad, Brother-Sister, Uncle – Aunt, Grandparents or all together; in short everyone can join this activity. The Drum Circle is started by Rujul Vora in Ahmedabad. While studying in Pune he saw some people playing these drums there and got inspired to start this concept in Ahmedabad.  It’s just not about listening to him and his team playing drums. It’s where you’ll be in the circle and playing drums. Of course it’s fun but more than that it’s a stress-buster activity. Bringing all unknown people around you, you play the drums with them in rhythm. Yes, follow the instructions of the host and get lost in the music.

This is done for Corporate Employees as a stress-buster or as corporate training workshop, NGOs and academic institutes. This time it’s for anyone and everyone so just enrol! The Drum Circle is a great way of evading the negativity within, creating and sharing auras of happiness. We all get tired at the end of a hectic week and we truly need a stress-buster. We don’t really realize until we experience it. This Saturday come and experience the stress buster. Forget everything else and enjoy with the “YOU.” We are sure, you’ll find the new YOU once you finish this activity after 45 minutes.

So coming back to what we said in start. Invite the team at function and let the families have unlimited fun. Let the families unite and let them experience what they never have and at the end you’ll see a blast of joy all around you.
Event Details : The November Drum Circle I 29th November 2014 I Venture Studio I 9 P.M.
For Details, You Can Call, Rujul Vora (The Founder) on +91-98985-69565.
Come. Let's Drum!

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