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We the Ahmedabadis and our love for food – its just endless. If Mumbai is the city that never sleeps, Ahmedabad is the city that never stops eating. And we don’t mind travelling to one part of the city just to get that bite of real good taste. We have seen people commuting right from Maninagar to SOBO, Vadaj to Nirma University, deepest corner of the city or to that unexplored nukkad in search of that great food.
Now with Ahmedabad and economy growing we are fortunate enough as brands, Local and international, come to the city. We are talking about one such local brand that is Tibbs.
Before we go ga ga about their food, do you know 'Frankie' is the patented word by Tibbs owner and as per law none in the industry can actually use the same. 
Talking about food, let us tell you that Tibbs as an outlet gives you loads of options for both Veg as well as Non-Veg frankies. However, for this article we are restricting it to 3 Veg frankies that we tried. We will be talking about rest in next set of articles.
Chatpata Aloo
Chilly Paneer
& Paneer Schezwan.
What matters the most when you are going for the best of frankie options. First the roti / wrap should not be hard but should be sturdy enough to hold fillings inside. It should not be greasy or buttery from outside and finally the fillings should just have the right spices for your taste. We were so literally moved by tasting above three frankies that Tibbs almost scored full marks in all the criteria. We simply loved Paneer Schezwan and Chilly Paneer - probably we are more of a Paneer fans. And Aloo has been an all time favorite for we Ahmedabadis and Tibbs doesn’t go wrong there as well.
The best part about their frankies is - quick, easy, filling, light on pocket. So next time when you are passing by Himalaya mall, just don't forget to grab a bite of it.
Address: Just outside Himalaya mall, Gurukul

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