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Last time we talked about Tibbs Frankie, its patent; however, there is an interesting history as well. So this article is dedicated to their origin and 3 additional frankies which we strongly recommend it to you.

Firstly, their history:
The story goes back to 1967 when Amarjit  Singh Tibb was coming from Beirut, Lebanon. During his stay at Beirut, he had innovative Lebanese preparation made from Pita Bread and variety of stuffing inside. This gave him an inspiration and idea to start something very similar in India. So you now know where the name ‘Tibbs’ came from (Amarjit  Singh Tibb).
He, with his wife Surinder Tibb, experimented to create a mix of meat & vegetables to stuff the roti. Initially, this new dish was only introduced to friends & family who loved it to the core. Motivated by the feedback, they launched it commercially only to experience it spread like a wild fire, not only in Bombay but across India.
The name Tibbs slowly became a brand which stands for quality, taste and value for money. Even after spreading their wings to many places in the country, they, till date, maintain their quality, taste and price.
Now, additional three frankies that we promised: Last time we talked about veg ones, we are now going to tell you about the non-veg frankies that we tried. They are: Egg Frankie : This particular Frankie at Tibb’s made me nostalgic. When I was a kid, my mom was totally fed up of my nautankis – I hated tiffin to the core until one day when against all the odds Mom managed to stuff two egg rolls in tiffin and forced it in my school bag. I loved it so much that for next one month it was the only thing I had eaten during lunch breaks. Just the right stuff for Eggiterians! Juicy, spicy and that tangy taste … absolutely brilliant. Mom & Tibbs – I love you!

Chilly Chicken Frankie : just as the name suggests – its spicy & mouth watering! Save your hunger for this one. Tender, Hot & Spicy - one of the most delicious Frankies they have. The gravy & onions add to the flavor endlessly. And not to forget it’s a tummy filler too.

Tawa Chicken Frankie : Now now, you cannot miss this if you are a ‘Tawa chicken’ lover. So yes you have travelled to old Ahmedabad for the best of taste. You can now thank Tibbs for making your life easy. The gravy has the perfect old-city-spicy-tawa taste.


Tibbs Frankie, Just outside Himalaya mall, Drive-in Road

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