Tilla Ahmedabad

Attributes: Furniture, Lightings and Fans, Sofa & Stool, Lighting & Lamps

Tilla (n: hill) is a line of clothing and interior textiles designed by Aratrik Dev Varman, Ahmedabad.
The home collection, titled 7 Indian trees, uses bold, graphic, black and white foliage prints of beloved Indian trees such as Neem and Peepal, on products like bed covers, cushions, ottomans, lamps and screens.

The philosophy that guides “tilla” is that style and comfort should be a part of everyday living. Each season, they visit Indian traditions as a wellspring of ideas and adapt them to reflect a sensibility that is modern. The larger objective is to nurture skills and celebrate craftsmanship as a value.

Address: 2 Sameepam, Narayan Nagar road, Paldi, Ahmedabad 380007

By appointment only

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