Toilet Spray

Toilet spray for funky odours I
is a unique spray that helps lock the foul smell from your toilet bowl. When sprayed it forms an invisible layer over the toilet water. when the work is done, its funky odours are trapped beneath this invisible layer.All you have to do is 5 sprays of Smell Well inside the toilet bowl.
The Before-You-Go Toilet Spray comes in two aromas made up of a unique blend of essential oils. This spray is totally a vegan and a cruelty free product
Citron is a unique blend of naturally powerful essential oils, extracted from top quality farm produce, in the latest processing plants.
Lavandula is an exquisite blend of naturally powerful essential oils, extracted from the best of raw materials.
The composition of the spray is designed to block any sort of funky toilet odours from its roots
Add Smell Well to your daily toilet routine and say bye to stinky toilet and noses as well.
This innovative spray can be used at multiple places - Home, Office, Schools, Malls, Airports. Also, an essential while travelling.
PS - This product is not an air freshener or air pocket.

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