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With two good-looking actors which both have become my favourite right from their first film, I was very eager to see this pair, Ali Zafar and Yami Gautam, on-screen in Total Siyapaa. Ali, for his comic timing and Yami, for gorgeous looks and heartfelt performance.

Total Siyapaa, a comedy about Indo-Pak rivalry and comedy of errors, is a delight to watch until a certain limit (read first half) where a Punjabi girl Asha (Yami) takes her fiancé Aman (Ali) who is not just  a Muslim but a Pakistani as well to her home to meet her family. Welcome to a family which is Punjabi to the core and crazy as hell. What happens ahead is the rest of Total Siyapaa.

The first half actually has really nice and comic moments where the director takes his own time to establish characters. It is the second half that tends to get boring because unnecessary sub-plots emerge out of no where and the main plot takes a back-seat, basically hardly anything happens in the second half. The only thing that has a charm after interval is Anupam Kher who is in superb form here! Watch him mumbling to himself on lonely streets where two sex-workers are observing him, damn hilarious!

Talking about the technical aspects, everything from camera, music, production values, etc is perfect. Nothing to complain about in ay department. It is just that the director could have explored more facets abouts indo-pak relationship (between individuals) and family n son in law relationship post interval.

With all the words above, I would say Total Siyapaa is a decent one time watch. It won’t trouble your minds.

2.5 Shor out of 5.

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