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This city of Ahmed Shah has almost everything that is needed to be in one of the top few favorite tourist destinations of India. The question here is not about what it has but about what do you want. Does history intrigues you? All you have to do is walk across one of the five bridges and you’ll have an entire city standing naked right in front of you. Are you a foodie? It just can’t get better than Ahmedabad. Amdavadis are known to be food lovers. We don’t just cook food, we make it a living. Carry a taste in architecture? How about an entire city full of Indo-Sarcenic structures? You just have to name it: Food, Shopping, History, Art, Adventure, Architecture, it’s all in one here.

The 6 centuries old city itself consists of about a hundred structures and monuments considered as Places to visit in Ahmedabad. Few to name, we have Manekchowk, Bhadra Fort, Jami Masjid, Sidi Sayed Ni Jali, Rani no Hajiro, Jhulta Minar etc. The Darwajas, also called as gates were 21 in number according to the historians of which 12 still exist and 4 are in ruins. The Indo-Sarcenic architecture of monuments can be observed all over the city.

On the other side, Ahmedabad being the next emerging Metro City of India has numerous theatres and multiplexes like PVR and Cinepolis for all the cinéastes whereas for the art lovers, there are academies like Darpana and Kadamb which provide a platform to both amateur and professional artists to perform at beautiful places like Natarani. The newly built mega mall Alpha One is like a dream come true for any shopaholic as it comprises of all the major brands and companies selling variety of products of various ethnicity.

Travelling is often tiresome. This city understands your need of a perfect escape too, places like Mahatma Gandhi Ashram, and House of MG provide you with the necessary window to achieve that. Adding on to the list is the man made Hauj-e-kutub lake now known as Kankariya lake which was built back in 15th century and is now an ideal place to refresh your senses especially during the Kankariya Festival. You’ll be dumbfounded to see everything from zoo, food stalls, hot air balloon, water rides, toy train all at one place. The recently built River Front is also a perfect place to repose after a busy schedule, a glance of the mystic Sabarmati is enough to soothe things down.

It’s funny as we haven’t even started with the soul of Ahmedabad, its food. This is the only city where you’ll find a roadside food stall vendor competing with a hot shot company owned restaurant and actually winning it. Best thing about these vendors is that they’re everywhere with some really crazy dishes like Maggi and Ice-cream bhajias. And of course when it comes to the food that too in Ahmedabad, the iconic Patang hotel needs no introduction.

So you see the list? Enormous isn’t it?

Well, that’s Ahmedabad my friend, and with Ahmedabad it’s always big.

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