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A question to all the parents. Which game do your kids play these days? Zombie tsunami, temple run, angry birds and many more games like this. yes, in mobiles of course. The latest technology that is somehow ruining the childhood. But, what if we ask what you used to play when you were kid?

We never had these smart mobile phones in our times. Oh yes, we regret for not having those games now. Our parents would shout to call us for lunch or dinner cause we couldn’t leave that game. Making new friends, those small fights, the sleepless nights and the best vacation times. Cricket, Hide n Seek, Spinning Tops & what not?  Does it put you in a deep grief that your kids don’t know about most of those outdoor games and they are lost in that one screen?  

Games are essential growth of a man right from his childhood. And there is one place that is saving all the memories. The games that we have lost or the ones that are almost extinct. Varso, an effort of reinventing the old games in a new avatar. A small museum that promises to showcase the huge collection of Indian Traditional Toys. Basically Raheel Patel the owner of this museum wishes to create awareness about the gaming tradition which lies buried under layers of time.

Yes, we visited this museum in old city. At his home “Jethabhai Ni Haveli.” We told you about his beautiful old haveli and this time about the museum. A small beautiful museum filled with the games we have kept aside or lost. Chess (We play but in mobile not with a friend),  marbles, Wooden toys, Spinning tops (Bhamardo) and so many other games are now lost. But that’s where Varso brings to back to old times and ask you to relive those moments. This museum will remind you of those old days for sure and why not make your kids aware about these amazing games? Raheel Patel will not only show you but make you understand about these beautiful toys and their importance in our lives.

There is more! Kids Walk. Let your kids take a walk in the old city and understand where we are coming from. The motto behind this walk is to imbibe our young generation with the ideal of priceless age old heritage culture tradition. And the first ever 2D educational animation film which is to implant a seed into the growing minds. Most interesting thing is the character Chel so instead of us telling you, why don’t you see the video yourself?

What more? Let your kid cherish the moments.

Contact: Contact: Raheel Patel: 99798 73283



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