Toycra - Probably the biggest toy store in Gujarat | 10000+ toys | 10000+ books

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Where do our kids feature in our life? Kids make us happy. Do we care for their happiness?
Kids now have their own happiness superstore, 12000 sq.ft | 10000+ toys | 10000+ books – Toycra, 2nd Floor, Indraprasth Corporate, Opp. Venus Atlantis, 100 Feet road, Prahladnagar.

Visit Toycra, probably the biggest and the best toy store of Gujarat, today and see your kids become your best friends.

Its time since we grown-ups realise that for kids, we grown-ups are everything that they have. Their eyes lit up at the first sight of daddy returning from office. They are elevated to see mom getting all decked up in beautiful attire for attending a party. But then that’s it. Daddy is too tired after a long day at work and mom doesn’t want to miss on that daily soap on TV.

The Gods at kids valley are angry. For them, the kids had enough from you all grown-ups and this time around, they have blessed the Kids with a fortune.

12000 sq.ft. space, more than 10000+ varieties of toys and 10000+ books and if that’s not all, they sprinkled it with loads of happiness, excitement and learning. Get ready to play like never before. Toycra a new fun-maker in town – is an absolute delight for all our kids, and absolute relief for their parents.

They source the best toys and books of the world, they pick out each toy and book keeping both the playing and educational needs of every child in mind. It often makes one wonder from which corners of the world do so many of these innovative and creative toys come from!

Committed to making learning fun, and to ensure that today’s kids develop and grow even during their playtime, TOYCRA specifically focuses on introducing toys that are futuristic, fun and fantastic. That playing need not be mindless; the aim is to help in nurturing well-honed children who experience the best innovative toys of the world, and grow with wide smiles on their faces. The at Toycra includes:

1) Soft Toys- The cutest, cuddliest, softest plush playmates. The kids now get to make more friends than ever.

2) Mindware ( the marble run/block thing)- Unlimited configurations..unlimited creativity..unlimited learning of probability,physics and arts…play for as long as you want..its unlimited fun.. with well..”accidental” unlimited learning! :D

3) Lego- For all the technology crazy young innovators out there. Create your own robot, bring it to life, and have amazing adventures with the one-of-a-kind programming interface.

4) Castle- Let your imagination loose as you create different worlds of your own, and construct every part with utmost creativity, fun and love.

5) Microscooters- We want our kids to enjoy the fresh air, and get healthy and safe activity. Ride one of these through the park, race your friends, have fun in the outdoors. This ride is indeed too cool for school.

One thing is for sure, once your kid becomes a TOYCRA kid, they will always remain a TOYCRA kid. With new, unseen and unheard of brilliant toys and books added every other week, this sure makes for an exciting family outing of discovering such amazing ways of having fun and learning!

For Ahmedabad, the standards of playing with toys have been officially set high. Because when TOYCRA says it welcomes you to a new era of playing, it is in fact building one too. Have fun!

Trust us Kids will now play with their dreams. It’s Toycra and your kids or nothing at all.

TOYCRA: 2nd Floor, Indraprasth Corporate, Opp. Venus Atlantis, 100 Feet road, Prahladnagar

Call for happiness: 079-66170265 / Store timings – 10:30 AM to 09:30 PM

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