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It’s a whooping update for all our fitness freaks as TRANSFORM announces its world class Aerobics classes, which will be undertaken under the auspices of a reebok certified instructor. They also endorse the notion of the fitness from top to bottom, that also emanates full-fledged yoga, ballet, Bollywood and hip hop classes, which will work your muscles and give you an ideal shape to dote.

Talking about their yoga classes; Well, they will ensure your health from inside; Bollywood and hip hop classes will get you flexibility and keep you slim as well. Moreover will also suffice the dancing need of all our dance lovers, ballet classes will ensure flexibility, endurance and attain desired shape. Unequivocally, the trainers of TRANSFORM work on all fours to help you achieve desired results which would stay with you for a lifetime.

TRANSFORM's notion of charging up your muscle will also help you fetch some moments of joy as all their classes are complemented by their choice of music. All their moves and activities are designed by keeping your body needs in mind, moreover the time spent in exertion will also be your moments of joy as these activities are fun to do which surely will unplug your mind and help you achieve work life balance.

Address: Transform - Be the Inspiration - 502, Aatish Annexe, near K.P. Boys Hostel, Gulbai Tekra, Ahmedabad.

Contact: 9879052565

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