Transformers - Age of Extinction

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We’ve just got a new punch line for this forth franchisee of Transformers: “The Exhibition of Animation”. That and beyond? No!

Four years have gone by since the battle at Chicago between Autobots & Decepticons. Autobots won the battle and so did the Humans. Decepticons have either died or fled. Autobots too have left. But a few powerful Humans are now restless – they want to experiment & learn to build a better security system for Earth (and of course earn from it). Meanwhile, in Texas, a mechanic (Mark) incidentally ‘buys’ a truck which is none other than Optimus Prime. What follows is yet another battle. This time in Hong Kong!

The movie could have been slightly better than a waste if they would have shortened the length (it’s two and half hours of Animation-Bang! Bang!). You may not complain if you are a die-hard animation fan who doesn't care a dime about anything else but chances are higher that you will get bored of it by the interval. There is no doubt that the animation of Transformers : Age of Extinction is by far the better than the first three. Having said that, unfortunately, animation is the only soul the movie has.

Mark is totally wasted as an actor and you don’t see a reason what Nicola (his daughter in movie) and Jack (Nicola’s boyfriend) are doing in the movie unless Michael has already planned for a fifth franchisee with them as leads. The movie lacks humor to a large extent. The movie comes with no new soul, no story line (or a repeated one if I have to sound a bit less shrewd). You miss your favorite Bumblebee. He is hardly there except for a particular scene where he encounters his replica. A few new characters add a bit of newness but it soon fades away.

All in all, go watch it ONLY if you are a die-hard Animation & Transformers fan.

2 Shors from CityShor!

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