Travelers Home - A store with unique collectibles!

Attributes: Furniture, Decor, Outdoor/Gardening, Storage, Tables, Others, Ceiling Hangings, Decor Pieces, Others

TRAVELERS HOME - As the name goes, is an ever-evolving traveler. The ethos behind the store is to provide a truly global experience. The look and feel of the store is encrusted with elements that relate to travel and the globe trotter.Ruchira Asnani, the Curator, Space Stylist & the Founder of this unique store also takes up Interior projects. 

The Founder and Space Stylist, Ruchira Shah Asnani, has carefully and personally curated the products. The concept and aesthetic sensibilities of the curator/stylist have integrated into the interiors of the store as well. Travelers Home is the curators concept driven playground for artifacts and decor products, unique limited edition & customized pieces. Travelers Home would also like to be a platform for curated and unique artist works from across India.

Once the civil interiors of a space are done, the colors and textiles, detailing and the accessories bring about life in a space. It is this quarter of Interiors that Travelers Home addresses - Space Styling. Travelers Home gives consultation of how to use the products for styling a space by doing site visits for projects and also sources products specifically for a project. The products vary from utility to functional to purely decor categories. 

The store was launched on the 1st of Feb 2015 with products from India, Europe and Indonesia after extensive research, which have been mindfully curated, keeping the balance of aesthetics and value. They are picked considering the lifestyles, unavailability in Indian markets and with a discerning eye for quality with no repetition whatsoever. A lot of pieces once sold, are not re ordered, and hence remain unique to their owners.

In addition to the store space on the ground level, Travelers Home has an Event Gallery on the first level. Spread over 2800 sq ft, the Air Conditioned Event Gallery is open for exhibits and events, wherein they curate exhibitors to showcase the best of their works. The exhibition gallery adds variety and constant evolution to the store. There is always something new for you to look forward to. 

Address: Traveler's Home, N&O Stores, Mondeal Square, Prahladnagar Turning, S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad.


Ruchira Asnani: +91-9825007054

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