Treat Yourself with the Desi Snacks at Shivam Nasta House

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Whilst we have gotten used to feeding ourselves daily bouts of Italian and Mexican cuisine, there are times when nothing soothes our taste palates as much as a dose of ‘chatpati chaat’.

In a time when everything is soaring expensive, even our simple plate of ‘sev puri’ can hit us a 70-80 rupees bill. However, hidden was a gem amidst the busy chaotic LD khaao galli. To soothe all your chaat cravings within prices that are almost surreal is Shivam Nashta House. 

Owned by two old men, Rajubhai Patel and Gaurangbhai Patel, this van opens at 7:30 am and closes around 6 pm. Unfortunately, it is closed on Sundays, but you can always cherish the deliciousness they offer on weekdays and Saturday. 

What is so special about this place is not only the food quality and quantity, but the warmth they impart. Every single time we’ve been there they have been as enthusiastic as the first time, recommending dishes and taking feedbacks with a smile almost immediately. If you are that lone office goer who has merely 15 minutes to spare, do stop by! 
They are quick, the food is a delight and the men will be more than willing to have a conversation with you. 

Every dish here is served with and without cheese or dahi. So, all the crazy cheese sev puri lovers can go berserk. Talking about the quality, the products they use are of good quality, the brands we use at home usually. Although the galli isn’t the cleanest places, they make sure their van is clean and maintaining hygiene has not been a problem yet.

While the quantity…well, let us just say they feed us like we are their children. A regular plate of sev puri at any other place outside would serve five pieces or six tops, but they serve eight. And when you are busy hogging, having those two extra pieces make a lot of difference. 

Now now, because there are so many options you are bound to get confused, so let us make it a little easier. My favourites there have to be the dahi kachori, dahi puri, sev bhel and safed dhhokla. Dahi kachori served there is the best I have had till date. A generous amount of crushed kachori, topped with dahi, masala mamri and ratlami sev comes looking all pretty and harmless on the plate. However, mix it all and have a spoonful and you are bound to experience an explosion of flavours in your mouth. If you still are not full, follow it up with sev or dahi puri, you will end up feeling like you over ate. 

Amidst over commercialization in every food industry, these men at Shivam Nasta House serve tiny mouthfuls of happiness! And you must visit if you are true blue Amdavadi!

Author and Picture Credit: Abha Mehra

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