Trip on! 1 day packages starting @ 900 pp- Serenity Proximus

Attributes: Weekend Getaway, Around the City

“A resort amidst lush greens, where you can go and peacefully do NOTHING!” | Call: 76980 88127

Look up to the sky at night. What do you see? Stars are lost. Even the darkness is not dark anymore. It is neither clear nor black. It’s hazy, dense grey.

Living in the city with the constant routine run of the mill does get on to you often. And, we start seeking an escape. If not a bigger one, at least for the weekend. ‘Pan kya javu?’

Obviously, a place that is closer to nature and away from the concrete jungle. A place where you can still say - "Hi!” to the stars. But, where?

SERENITY PROXIMUS by Bakeri! 1-day packages start at Rs 900 per person. | Call: 769808812

Enjoy a secluded weekend, away from the mad rush. And return with rejuvenated energy to keep going! Take a splash in the pool, play in the gardens, watch a movie, and the list goes on!

- Morning till Night 9am to 9pm @ 1200/- per person
- Morning till Evening 9am to 6pm @900/- per person
- Children between 5 and 12 @ 700/- and 500/-

A fun weekend, guaranteed.

Address: Serenity Proximus by Bakeri Group, Moti Devti Village, Shantipura (S.P.Ring Road), near Gulmohar Club, Sanand Road, Ahmedabad
Call: 76980 88127

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