TSD Car Rally is just a few days away!

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Planning a short vacation? A break from the monotony? But, no place to be? Worry no more. We bring you GUJARAT DESSERT JAUNT 2015, a one of a kind TSD CAR RALLY to the RANN OF KUTCH to take your mind off the daily 'hadh-badh' of the city.
Unlike the same ol' trip to Rann Utsav, Anjania Group has initiated this programme of a TSD Rally. Anyone with a driver's license can participate in this unique format since it is not at all risky and your regular car cannot be more apt. Precision driving at your regular speed in a certain period of time is all that is to a TSD RALLY. The objective is to reach from point A to B in x mins. In fact, if you reach in x+1 min, you get a penalty, same applies for x-1. 
For this one of a kind holiday, you have to pay 20,000 Rs a couple, which includes hoards of amenities and activities. A couple's stay in a Tent Hotel, Rally Insurance, Rally Permit, Concert Passes for PANCHEE , ATV Rides, T-Shirt, Caps, Goodies and a Participation Certificate. To top it all off, there are an array of prizes to won as well.
Make sure you register yourself at the earliest to experience a wonder drive to Rann of Kutch and be a part of the Kutchi Culture, witness natural beauty and submerge yourselves in the beauty of the White Rann. Cheers.
You can participate for any one day between 10th to 15th February, 2015, with special packages for couples on Valentine's Day!
So hurry up and call +919601991488 or +918140833399
Or log on to http://anjania.com/gdj.html and download the registration form.
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