Turn the Poker Mood On! Book Your Table at APA this Holi!

It was not without a reason that Penn Jillette rightly said that: "Poker has the feeling of a sport, but you do not have to do push-ups!" Considered to be one of the most legendary games every played by humans since almost half a century now! Just to make you experience the best of strategy, human psychology, the gush of adrenaline and restlessness, Ahmedabad Poker Association - APA at the classy Club 07 has organized Asian Poker League on 11th March, Holi Cash Game Festival from 11th-13th March and Poker Sports League Tournament from 18th to 19th March! 

Settle down in the soothing 5- star ambiance with finger-licking food and get set to put your poker skills and hacks on test this festive season, ladies and gentlemen! With impeccable in-house services in place at Club 07, rest assured there is no compromise happening to your dedicated poker time!

Wondering which tournament to pick up? Let us help you, there, there:

1) Asia Poker League: Get set for this one, people, because the winner of this Poker League shall get a seat at APL in Beijing and package that is worth whooping 200k! Can you imagine? Just 5k for buy in for this tournament, seasoned pokers, what's stopping you from calling dibs on this one, eh?

2) Holi Cash Game Festival: To make this Holi greener with the notes, this one of its kind festival offers 25K, 50K and 100K buy-in tables. So, unleash that poker person in you and get set to break the glass ceiling!

3) Poker Sports League Tournament: Hardcore Poker Fans, this one is just for you! Back to back two days of uninhibited time with your most cherished sport, you are sure to love this experience - no point resisting it!

So, one up your skills, wear your poker hat, spread a word to your friends and book your table at APA right

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