Turquoise Villa - A Real Cafe

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Things just seem to be getting bigger and better for our city. The latest eatery on the block; With a cosy ambiance and an impressive line-up of goodies, you can call TURQUOISE VILLA - a Real Cafe for, it exudes a vibe like other wherein you can just linger and relax. With a never-ending menu, it nails it's 'cafeteria' beverages & tit-bits to some niche munchies as well, tending to be 'our' type of place.

We started our course on a pleasant Friday evening with their LEMON ICE TEA, served in interesting glass jars; Though it is a simple drink, it is tough to crack, which the folks at TURQUOISE VILLA did with ease. For the ones who prefer something thick & milky, their SUPER OREO SHAKE topped with whipped cream and an Oreo, is extremely apt.

Onto the soups, where we started with the mild yet flavourful POPCORN SOUP; Topping it with some fresh pop corns only adds to the taste, but the clear winner for us was the TOMATO SHOMATO Soup. It was exactly how a tomato soup should be - tangy, red with creamy undertones. With a heavy heart, we leave the soup unfinished as the GLAMOROUS HOUSE WIFE SALAD finds its way to the table. The saltiness of the feta and the juiciness of the pineapple splash, create a riot of cooling tastes on our palette.

For Appetizers, we were served with
VADAPAV SLIDERS - Their 'hatke' take on the vadapav is worth the mention, served with piping hot fries, the cute vadapavs offer a never-seen-before taste to the regular.
AMRITSARI FISH PAKODAS - Tender-Juicy Fish pakodas served Amritsari Styled. Gulping down all of them was never a problem.

For the mains there is,
ANTIPASTI PIZZA - We have to give it up for this pizza, for it is a vegetarian delight with lots of vegetables on a thin crust, crunchy in parts with its jalapeños, onions, peppers and definitely wins our vegetarian vote.
BARBECUE CHICKEN PIZZA - The classic combination of barbecued chicken and smoked mozzarella tastes sublime when eaten together on a thin crust. A complete meal, we would say. 
BEETROOT RISOTTO - Blending beetroot with the classic Italian delicacy leads to serving which is visually appealing and also has some impressive restorative powers.

For dessert their array is unmatched, making for a fitting end to a great experience,
BANOFFEE PIE - Arguably it was one of the best pies that we have ever come across. Chocolate | Bananas | Caramel | Biscuit | Cream. There is nothing that can go wrong!
RAMESH SURESH Ki PASTRY - Isn't the name itself intriguing? This 5-Star pastry offers a chocolaty warmth, topped with the glorious taste of the chocolate.
TURQUOISE VILLA SPECIAL BAKED CHEESE CAKE - It always seem exaggerated when someone calls something 'perfect', especially when it is a cheesecake we are talking about for, everyone has a personal opinion but, for us nothing can describe their cheese but PERFECT.
Mr. TOBY'S MOUSSE - The Mousse offers luxe bites of a gooey mix of white-regular-dark chocolate, blissfully orgasmic.

After such a fantastic experience, we headed out with a heavy heart but, not before planning our next visit to this niche Bistro & Cafe - TURQUOISE VILLA. Cheers.

Address: TURQUOISE VILLA, G.F. Shanay 1, near AMA, IIM ATIRA Road, Amdavadi, Ahmedabad.
Contact: +91-079-40373000
Timings: 10 am to 11 pm
You can also follow them on: www.facebook.com/turquoisevilla

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