Turquoise Villa has a new feather now!

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Wondering what happened to TURQUOISE VILLA at C.G. Road? Well, it moved and definitely for the better. The all new Bistro & Cafe opens it's doors from TODAY Evening at - G.F. Shanay 1, near AMA, IIM ATIRA Road, Amdavadi.
We all may have an array of reasons to head out but, it generally boils down to basically two, you either pay a cafe a visit for it's scrumptious food or; At times, you just want a nice place to linger and let the world be for a few good hours. For the unaware, TURQUOISE VILLA pays heed to both for this all day cafe caters to all your needs throughout the day.
Taking a single step into TURQUOISE VILLA, you could possibly make your blood pressure drop by a few counts, that's how relaxing it is. You can get the experience of a real cafe in Ahmedabad wherein it exudes an undeniably cool vibe without being intimidating; One of their walls proudly depicts the explosion of a bicycle, while one allows you to partake on it's Brain Storming Chalk-Board on and you cannot miss out on their Echo Table - An upturned table on the ceiling masked as a 'chandelier', highlighting their tit-bit goodies. 
The menu at this Bistro & Cafe also sets it apart from your generic hipster café, with sounding items such as A MOROCCAN TAJINE HOTPOT, An AMRITSARI FISH PAKODA, A TACO EXPLOSION SALAD, A BEETROOT RISOTTO, A SWEET CHILLI JAM SLIDE & what not, and how do they taste? You will have to wait for that.
With a great ambiance, TURQUOISE VILLA is one place that has got it right on just about every count, making it one of the foremost places on our radar to go forth and indulge. Cheers.
Address: TURQUOISE VILLA, G.F. Shanay 1, near AMA, IIM ATIRA Road, Amdavadi, Ahmedabad.
Contact: +91-079-40373000
Timings: 10 am to 11 pm
You can also follow them on: www.facebook.com/turquoisevilla
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