Twilight Candle Studio Ahmedabad

Attributes: Decor, Decor Pieces

We all love gifting flowers to our dear ones, but the only problem with the flowers is that they get dry. Sad.

So here comes the solution!! Flowers, that never get dry! Well, honestly, nothing can replace the original flowers but these wax flowers are the next best things after the originals.

Twilight Studio, Candles studio run by two friends Rajvi & Ashka, makes hand molded wax that designs bouquets, show-pieces and candles that you would hardly get to see anywhere.

Perfect gift anniversary, b’day, marriage or any occasions that you wish to make memorable. Don’t worry about the price – they are pretty neat compared to others in the same segment; PLUS you would spend same or less compared to the normal flower bouquets.

Contact : Rajvi (9904474004) & Ashka (9662024158);

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