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Food Spa, doesn’t that just sell it right away? UBC: Food Spa serves up a fantastic array of foods ranging from sweet and sour mocktails to crunchy or creamy entrées. And as they call it - UBC make food to pamper your taste buds. When you enter, you’ll be welcomed by smiles and eager service. Look around, and you’re embraced by a warm crimson sheen and the iridescence of pulsing colored lights. This place screams ‘exciting’! It’s new and aims to offer their services to Ahmedabad’s ‘hip-and-happening’ crowd, but drop by over here and you’ll feel young and lively no doubt.
So the ambience is enticing, but what about the food? Just as the name of the restaurant portrays, UBC treats their food with care and delicacy. And they don’t just serve one kind or any kind of food; they’ve organized their menu so you can order in alliance with your moods and cravings. Skim through their Indian Starters and try out their Paneer Picada. Don’t miss it’ crisp and zesty flavor enamored by it’s sublimely soft crunch of a texture.  The taste is subtle, but a great way to start off the meal.
If you’re the kind of person who can’t begin their feast without warming up their tummy a little bit, go ahead and try any of their soups! We enjoyed the Tomato and Minestrone Soups the most, with their uniquely thin consistency and mouthwateringly tangy tomato flavor. Go for the plain tomato soup if you want an undisturbed sweet getaway with a few crusty croutons. Or if you’re up for a little spice, slurp down the Minestrone with its fresh and flavorful veggies.
The next big thing making it’s way to your stomachs will be their delicious main courses. Pizza, Pasta, Rice? You name it, they make it! Try a slice or two of their very own Fantica Pizza. It’s not so much fancy as it is classic. The thin crust is easy to hold, and the best part is, the cheese doesn’t slide off, so you get the salty shreds in every bite! (Personally, I find this a success). The pan is sprinkled with olives and thin cuts of bell peppers that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. Another classic dish UBC serves up is there Pasta Mamarosso. And yes, it sounds just as grand as it is. It’s a simple dish of penne pasta tossed in the slippery goodness of tomato marinara sauce. Or if you still want to go a bit traditional Indian, go ahead and ask for their signature Nizami Pulao. This sweet bite will have your taste buds tingling for more! The mellow yellow grains are flaked with chopped vegetables that help elaborate the tinge of saffron flavor.
Finally, you can’t come to UBC Food Spa and not order their exclusive mocktails!
If you want something tart and tropical, go for their Hawaaian fantasy. Frankly, more than daring- it’s a ‘cute’ drink. It’s refreshing and you’ll sip it up so fast it’ll leave you wanting more. If you want something a little more piquant yet candied then raise your glass for their Apple Tine. This drink is sure to spice things up a bit and is a great beverage to be sipping on with your meal.
So, there you have it- UBC Food Spa! Head on over there any evening of the week and expect an explosion of choices around you- from where to sit, what to eat, and what to drink. But there’s one thing for sure- UBC will massage your appetite and crank up your cravings.

46 & 47, Rudra Square, Judges Bungalow Road, Bodakdev

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