Ungli: Movie Review

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Director: Rensil D'Silva
Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Kangana Ranaut, Sanjay Dutt, Randeep Hooda, Neha Dhupia, Angad Bedi and Neil Bhoopalam.

Rensil could have made a serious movie on the topic that UNGLI deals with, but thank God he didn't. Ungli is sure a different movie, not because of the topic (Corruption) but because of the way the protagonists fight against it. It’s witty, intelligent, stylish and fun, all at the same time, yet never loses the sincerity the topic deserves! In a way, it’s a sharp cross between ‘Khosla ka Ghosla’ & ‘Rang De Basanti’. Having said that, though it leaves an impression, it doesn't hit you like Rang De Basanti. Right from the corruption by a Rickshawala to the clichéd heavy duty politicians, the movie deals with all the ‘types’ with the same space. And mostly in the simplest possible way, making you feel you could have done the same. There are flaws in the movie making it indigestible at times but the audience may still give it a skip. The tight & crisp script makes you sit through the entire movie effortlessly but leaves you wanting for more towards the end; specially the climax which could have been better. It happens too fast & is not at all intelligent.

The Plot: Four friends – Randeep, Kangana, Neil & Angad – provoked by an incident, take on themselves the burden of getting society rid of corruption. Yup, suddenly! But they do it neatly. They don’t beat or kill people instead they punish them differently, film them and get them aired on News Channels. They are not a bunch of aimless or rich-brat-spoilt guys; they are youngsters from Mumbai who do common jobs, except that they are creative and have guts. Shaken by their devilish act, the ‘system’ rises against them and recruits ACP Kali (Sanju Baba), a honest police officer. Sanju soon realizes he needs some sharper & younger man and recruits Emraan, an aimless, useless but shaatir police officer, who is already in awe of the Ungli Gang. Go watch the movie for ‘what & how things happen next’!

Somehow there isn't much to talk about the acting skills of any actor including Randeep & Emraan; Nothing exceptional but good nonetheless. Period. Thankfully, Rensil has not glamorized the movie with slow motions & sexy outfits, neither has he planted useless songs except one (and you wonder WHY). The dialogues are clichéd mostly but acceptable. The blooming equation between Emraan & Kangana is shown but not escalated (which is good!). You miss Neha Dhupia - yeah, she is there but hardly seen. Sanju baba is a dude like always.

Go watch this movie but don’t expect it to be as witty as Khosla ka Ghosla nor as hard-hitting as Rang De Basanti.

Overall, 3 Shors.

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