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Hare Pyaaz ka Paratha.
Gulab Jamun ka Paratha.
Rasgulle & Hari Mirch ka Paratha.
How does it sound? Interesting? Fascinating? Or just another 'cock-a-doodle story' to mislead you?

Well, let us tell that not only do these parathas 'exist' but, they taste quite phenomenal to say the least; all up for grabs at MB Snacks in Sarkhej. Now offering a special 50% Discount for all CityShor followers who like or share the post! Valid only until 8th June, don’t wait any longer! Rush here and indulge into some fine food with this unbelievable discount!

Decked up in an extremely subtle manner, the folks behind MB Snacks have a very clear funda in mind is to let the food do the talking for them.
And it surely does for, who would not want to at least bite into a Rabdi Barfi Paratha for example; and mind you, it doesn't stop at just one bite.

What makes their Parathas different from the hoards in the market, apart from the 'flavours' i.e. is the style of cooking which might make you question the very name itself. The 'parathas' once stuffed with the filling of your choice are they tossed in pure ghee, leading to a crunch everytime you bite into one. Ask for a portion of fried chillis to go with every bite and my my! The experience is indeed orgasmic.

Talking about the taste, Spice virgins should keep away from the HARE PYAAZ KA PARATHA as well as the UDAD DAL KA PARATHA for, it does have quite a kick. If you enjoy your chillies then, I am sure you are bound to fall in love with the same.
For a much more subdued taste, you would be making a very smart choice if you go for the RAJASTHANI ALOO KA PARATHA or the AMRITSARI CHANE KA PARATHA or even their LAHSUN & HARI MIRCH KA PARATHA for that matter.

If this wasn't hatke enough for you then, wait till you try their very own RASGULLE & HARI MIRCH KA PARATHA, which isn't simply unique but, offers a lovely mix of sweet and spicy.
If you think that's all there is then, you are highly mistaken for, there is also a GULAAB JAMUN PARATHA that feels like a delicious fried dessert that you would simply hate sharing, alongwith a RABDI BARFI PARATHA that simply oozes deliciousness; and we mean it quite literally.

What also makes their serving different is the accompaniments to go along with it. Dahi-Boondi, Green Chutney, Aloo Mutter ki Sabji and a Pumpkin-Banana Chutney.
Found your Paratha too spicy? Dip it in the dahi-boondi. Too sweet? The stellar green chutney is your saving grace. It is indeed a topsy-turvy ride for your taste buds!

Serving such unique offerings that you indeed would have NEVER heard of before along with their special discount of 50% for all CityShor followers this is a must visit place this weekend, as well the days the come. Cheers.

Address: Hotel Mayur Park, Near Gallops Motors,, Near Adani CNG, SG Highway, Sarkhej, Ahmedabad.

Contact: 9909029292

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