Unroll at the comforting, Blue Roof Top Cafe & Restaurant.

Cuisines: Mexican, Italian, Punjabi, Continental

Filters: Vegetarian Only, Outdoor seating

Attributes: Cafes, Classy

Tired of sitting in a closed restaurant? Blue Roof Top Café Bistro and Restaurant have just the perfect dining experience for you if you are a fan of outdoor and informal dining.

The menu is set to fulfill the hunger pangs of guests with a palate for great foodies who would love to try new varieties of food. One of the most eye catching dishes that we came across is Zuppa De Broccoli; ever thought of having soup with the main ingredient being broccoli?

This place keeps a health conscious streak of people in mind offering them great salads, Caesar Salad being a must try from amongst the other salads. Not to forget Sui Mai, a kind of steamed Dim Sum also available in wheat base!

It is also stupefying to see how creative their dishes are with one core ingredient, Paneer, Cottage Cheese Baby Steak, Charcoal Paneer Makhani with Lachha Paratha, to just name a few, accompanied by a few other dishes like Potato Dumplings in Paprika Sauce.

The freshening drinks balancing the meal are Mint Mojito, Strawberry Colada and Summer Relaxer.

The ambiance is sure to give you a feeling of utmost relaxation with their comfortable seating and the soothing colour selection of blue and white. Being a unique roof top café you will not be disappointed by the view you witness from your seat.

So folks! Be ready to enjoy an array of delicious cuisines being accompanied by an ambiance which gives you a feeling of peace and relaxation whether you come with family or friends.

More details just Send hi on whats app 9227464614

Address: 11th floor Shree Balaji Heights, Near Tanishq showroom, CG Road.

Phone - 7211114255

Tags: Unroll at the comforting, Blue Roof Top Cafe & Restaurant.

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