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Gold rates are going up and down and still I don’t think that it’s cheap. So why not change the trend and start wearing some other type of jewelry rather than gold?

Well, we have a very beautiful and better option for you to cut down on your expenses. Now you don’t need to buy a gold set or a set of gold jewelry for your wedding. Flowers can do miracles too!

Usha Mehta, lady who is a master into making everything for wedding rituals. Yes, she makes everything that is to be used in wedding rituals. But that is done by everyone, right? The difference is that she prepares it all in an artistic way. This is all about rituals but hold on! She even makes necklaces and jewelry for the bride and side brides or any family member for that matter.

This is what we want to showcase in front of you. Usha Mehta designs very beautiful jewelry that’s made from real and artificial flowers. Remember “Jodha Akbar” neckpiece? The huge one. She makes the same kind of neckpieces from flowers and satin silk. Not just neckpiece, even rings, ear rings, bangles and tikka. These all will give you a perfect look.

So forget real gold and wear real flowers.

Contact – 079 – 26445771

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