Vacation 2013

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You CANNOT miss Vacation 2013.

No matter which age group you belong to, they have something for you. Huge amusement park & competition / activities for kids, fashion shows, music concerts, car shows & bike stunts for youngsters, around 400 stalls carrying products of branded & local Clothes & accessories, Home appliances, furnitures, FMCG, Handicrafts, gadgets, real estate, education, eatery joints / cafes … the list is endless. And then there are huge replicas of Wonders of World – Colosseum (remember Gladiator?), Taj Majal, Pyramid, Great Wall of China and Petra.

Big, immense, huge and amazing – we are talking about Vacation 2013. You CANNOT miss this. Been there? If yes,  click here to share your pics on our wall.

You have to be there to believe it. Go have Vacation Fiesta at Vacation 2013

Address               : GMDC, Ahmedabad.
Timings                 : 4 to 11 PM
Till                           : 3rd June 2013

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