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If your gift ideas this Valentine’s Day involve roses and chocolates, we NEED to tell you something.
AQVA- the poolside restaurant is what you need this VALENTINE’S to stand out from the usual celebrations. We’re talking red roses, cakes, crackers and a lot more for you & your partner this Feb 14th!

The Cupids are not too far away and you’re just an arrow away with your other half to experience a Valentine like never before. Don’t believe us? Read on and watch your jaws drop by the end of this article. 

It all begins with Cupid spreading love across the world with his arrows, it’s the time of the year when the saying  “Love is in the Air” does come into play really well. Having said that, we know it’s not all love and affection , there’s also levels of anxiety one experiences along with being baffled. Giving out Red Roses is what the whole world does, and chocolates, well chocolates work great but again quite common and not to forget you will be risking your love saying “Are you trying to make me fat?”

To avoid all of this and make sure it’s a day filled with Cupid swirling around your other half shooting arrows all day, AQVA- the poolside restaurant has arranged for a day you & your loved one will NEVER FORGET. 

You kick-start your day with a ROSE (Hold on, keep on reading) , not just one rose, but one for every 5 steps you take as they roll down the glamorous RED CARPET while bursting hand held crackers(Yes, you read it right) and finally you sit down and warm yourself up as you look into your partner's eyes with sheer joy. But wait, there’s more! BALLOONS, CANDLES & a FRUIT CHAMPAGNE is what you can expect to have on your table as you make yourself comfortable to the live music and the piping hot food.

The pampering is still not over and  ending on a sweet note is what you should always aim for, precisely why AQVA- the poolside restaurant ensures that with a nice delicious Heart Shaped Cake too!
Further more if informed prior, they will also play a customised video to add on even more to the already breathtaking experience you and your partner will have.

We know the difficulty of Valentines and that's why AQVA- the poolside restaurant is the best solution! Tell us about your experience here in the comments below!
Happy Valentine’s Day folks! 

Address: Pleasure Club, near Krishna Shalby Hospital, Bopal-Ghuma Road, Ahmedabad.
Contact:9925438377 | 9825439518

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